Ryan Key awarded man of the year 5th straight year!

Did you know Ryan Key was born in Florida? Before he was in kindergarten he was a little drummer boy at the local church. On Christmas Eve 1984 young Ryan was drumming during the annual Church Christmas spectacle. During the final act tiny Ryan was drumming away, really making quite a scene, when a crocodile crashed through the stained glass ceiling and landed face first onto the front row and immediately ate all of the nights donations. Although nobody lost their life that fateful day several patrons lost various body parts; and to this day Ryan will occasional wear a crocodile mask at all Florida concerts to pay homage to victims of that terrible day.

Ryan credits this tragic event with inspiring 2012’s surprise hit “Always Summer” which will have a new meaning the next time you listen.

As Yellowcard’s Ryan Key grew older and entered high school he was forced to face the facts that he was the only student at his school who didn’t know how to tie his shoes. Obviously this tore him up inside which can be relived in his classic hits “Light up the Sky” and “Ocean Avenue”.

He is now deep into his 30’s and can tie his shoes. In fact he is currently learning how to tie a double knot which he plans to write a song about on their upcoming album “A Place We Set Afire”.

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